Emacs Commands Quick Reference

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NOTE: As of writing the version of Emacs I used is GNU Emacs 27.1 (build 1, x86_64-w64-mingw32) of 2020-08-22.


  • Key-bindings (or shortcuts) are represented with symbols specified in the key notations table.
  • Key-bindings that are not packed with Emacs or other packages are marked with an *.

Key notations

Symbol Meaning
C Ctrl key
M Meta/Alt key
S Shift key
- Hyphen. Keys connected with hyphens should be pressed together
  White space, indicating a short pause between key pressings
RET Return/Enter key
SPC Space key
DEL Backspace key
CMD Command
, Comma, used to separate optional or closely-related commands
A|B Either A or B
[A] A is optional, i.e., it can be omitted or present
Repeat the last stroke indefinitely


Keys Meaning Command
C-h ? Show general help commands help-for-help
C-h C-a Show welcome screen about-emacs
C-h t Open Emacs tutorial help-with-tutorial
C-h i Open the info buffer info
C-h k Look up key describe-key
C-h f Look up command describe-function
C-h v Look up variable describe-variable
C-h P Describe package describe-package
C-h . Display tooltip in the echo area display-local-help
<prefix> {C-h|F1} Show the list of key-bindings starting with the prefix key, e.g. C-x C-h displays the list of key-bindings starting with C-x.  
Keys Meaning Command
C-f Go forward a character forward-char
C-b Go backward a character backward-char
M-b Go to word start backward-word
M-f Go to word end forward-word
C-p Go to previous line previous-line
C-n Go to next line next-line
C-a Go to line start move-beginning-of-line
C-e Go to line end move-end-of-line
M-a Go to sentence start backward-sentence
M-e Go to sentence end forward-sentence
M-} Go to next paragraph forward-paragraph
M-{ Go to previous paragraph backward-paragraph
M-] Go to next blank line separated block xah-forward-block *
M-[ Go to previous blank line separated block xah-backward-block *
M-< Go to buffer start beginning-of-buffer
M-> Go to buffer end end-of-buffer
M-r Go to buffer center, top, or bottom move-to-window-line-top-bottom
C-M-f Go to the matched closing bracket forward-sexp
C-M-b Go to the matched opening bracket forward-sexp
C-M-e Go to next end of defun end-of-defun
C-M-a Go to previous beginning of defun beginning-of-defun
C-x < Scroll text in the current window to the left scroll-left
C-x > Scroll text in the current window to the right scroll-right
C-v Scroll forward one screenful scroll-up-command
M-v Scroll backward one screenful scroll-down-command
C-M-v Scroll other window forward one screenful scroll-other-window
S-C-M-v Scroll other window backward one screenful scroll-other-window-down
C-l Move the text around the cursor to the center of the screen recenter-top-bottom
M-g g Go to line goto-line
M-g c Go to character goto-char
C-u C-SPC Go to last marked position in current buffer set-mark-command
??? Go to next marked position in current buffer  
C-x C-SPC Go to last marked position in all buffers set-mark-command
??? Go to next marked position in all buffers  
??? Go to last edited position in current buffer  
??? Go to next edited position in current buffer  
??? Go to last edited position in all buffers  
??? Go to next edited position in all buffers  


Keys Meaning Command
C-x h Select all. mark-whole-buffer
C-S-p Up with selection. previous-line
C-S-n Down with selection. next-line
C-S-f Forward with selection. forward-char
C-S-b Backward with selection. backward-char
M-S-f Forward with selection to word end. forward-word
M-S-b Backward with selection to word start. backward-word
C-S-e Forward with selection to line end. move-end-of-line
C-S-a Backward with selection to line start. move-beginning-of-line
C-SPC Toggle sticky selection. set-mark-command
C-x SPC Toggle rectangle mark mode. rectangle-mark-mode
M-= Show the number of lines, words, and characters in selected region. count-words-region


Keys Meaning Command
C-d Delete next character. delete-char
DEL Delete previous character. backward-delete-char-untabify
??? Delete entire line.  
M-d Kill next word. kill-word
{M¦C}-DEL Kill previous word. backward-kill-word
C-k Kill to line end. M-0 ~ to kill to line start. kill-line
C-S-DEL Kill entire line. kill-whole-line
C-w Kill region. kill-region
M-w Copy region/rectangle kill-ring-save
C-y Yank/Paste last killed region/rectangle. yank
C-x r k Kill rectangle kill-rectangle
C-x r y Yank rectangle yank-rectangle
C-/ Undo. C-f ~ to redo. undo
M-c Capitalize word. capitalize-word
  Capitalize region. capitalize-region
M-u Turn all letters of next word uppercase. upcase-word
M-l Turn all letters of next word lowercase downcase-word
C-x C-u Turn all letters of selected region uppercase. upcase-region
C-x C-l Turn all letters of selected region lowercase. downcase-region
C-g Quit a command. keyboard-quit
C-o Insert a new line and leave the cursor unmoved. open-line
M-\ Delete all spaces and tabs around cursor. delete-horizontal-space
C-x C-o Delete blank lines surrounding the cursor. delete-blank-lines
??? Toggle camelcase-aware editing for current buffer.  
S-RET Open line below without breaking current line. newline-below-without-break (*)
C-S-RET Open line above without breaking current line. newline-above-without-break (*)
TAB Indent current line. Use C-u <n> C-x Tab to indent the selected region n columns. Use negative number for n to unindent. indent-for-tab-command
C-q Read next input character and insert it. This is useful for inserting control characters. quoted-insert
C-x = Describe character at point. C-u ~ to show more details. what-cursor-position


Keys Meaning Command
C-s Incremental search forward. isearch-forward
C-r Incremental finding backward. isearch-backward
M-% Query and replace. query-replace

Buffers, windows and frames

Keys Meaning Command
C-x b Switch to buffer in current window. Create new buffer if the given buffer name doesn’t exist. switch-to-buffer
C-x 4 b Switch to buffer in another window. switch-to-buffer-other-window
C-x 4 C-o Display buffer in another window. display-buffer
C-x 5 b Switch to buffer in another frame. switch-to-buffer-other-frame
C-x <left> Switch to previous buffer. previous-buffer
C-x <right> Switch to next buffer next-buffer
C-x C-b List buffers list-buffers
M-n Go to next window other-window
M-p Go to previous window prev-window
C-x k Kill buffer kill-buffer
C-x C-s Save buffer save-buffer
C-x s Save some modified file-visiting buffers. save-some-buffers
C-x 0 Close current window. delete-window
C-x 1 Go back to one-window editing. delete-other-windows
C-x 2 Split window below. C-u <n> ~ to specify height. split-window-below
C-x 3 Split window right. C-u <n> ~ to specify width. split-window-right
S-<arrow>* Switch directionally between windows. By default it’s not enabled. Type `M-x windmove-default-keybingds` to enable it or add `(windmove-default-keybindings)` to init file to enable it for future sessions. windmove-*
C-x C-c Kill all buffers and exit emacs. save-buffers-kill-terminal
  Open shell. C-u M-x ~ to open another running shell. shell
  Open Emacs shell. eshell
C-c C-l Display a list of recent inputs entered into the current buffer. comint-dynamic-list-input-ring
C-x m Open mail buffer. compose-mail
C-x C-= Adjust font size. text-scale-adjust
  Truncate long lines or wrap them. toggle-word-wrap
C-z Suspend emacs. In shell type %emacs to resume. suspend-frame

Files and directories

Keys Meaning Command
C-x C-f Open or create a file in current window find-file
C-x 4 f Open or create a file in another window find-file-other-window
M-F2 Open file in browser. (global-set-key (kbd "<M-f2>") 'browse-url-of-file) browse-url-of-file
C-x C-d Display a brief directory listing. C-u ~ to display verbosely. list-directory

Dired mode

Keys Meaning Command
C-x d Enter dired mode in current window. dired
C-x 4 d Enter dired mode in another window. dired-other-window

When in dired more:

Keys Meaning Command
d Flag files for deletion. dired-flag-file-deletion
D Delete file on current line. dired-do-delete
x Delete flaged files. dired-do-flagged-delete
g Refresh the mode buffer. revert-buffer

Diff mode

Keys Meaning Command
  Enter diff mode in current window which compares two files diff
  Enter diff mode in current window which compares current buffer with its file. diff-buffer-with-file

When in diff mode:

Keys Meaning Command
g Refresh the mode buffer  

Meta commands

Commands on commands

Keys Meaning Command
{M-<n>¦C-u <n>} CMD Run a command n times. See C-h i (emacs)Arguments. digit-argument
M-x Run a command. execute-extended-command
M-! Run a shell command. shell-command
C-x z Run last command. Press z continuously to repeat more times. repeat
M-: Evaluate EXP and print value in the echo area. eval-expression
C-x C-e Evaluate sexp before point; print value in the echo area. eval-last-sexp
C-j Evaluate sexp before point; print value into current buffer. eval-print-last-sexp

Org mode

Headings and subtrees

Keys Meaning Command
TAB Expand/Collapse outline entry, or indent plain list item org-cycle
S-TAB Cycle visibility through all top-level headings, all headings, and everything. org-shifttab
C-c C-n Go to next heading org-next-visible-heading
C-c C-p Go to previous heading org-previous-visible-heading
C-c C-f Go to next heading of same level org-forward-heading-same-level
C-c C-b Go to previous heading of same level org-backward-heading-same-level
C-c C-u Go to parent heading outline-up-heading
C-c C-j Go to … org-goto
M-RET Add a heading below or before current heading org-meta-return
C-u M-RET Add a heading after current subtree org-meta-return
C-u C-u M-RET Add a heading at the end of the parent subtree org-meta-return
C-RET Add a heading after the current subtree org-insert-heading-respect-content
M-S-RET Add a TODO heading below or before current heading org-insert-todo-heading
C-S-RET Add a TODO heading after current subtree org-insert-todo-heading-respect-content
C-c * Toggle heading for current line or region org-ctrl-c-star
C-c C-t Toggle TODO on current heading org-todo
M– Cycle the thing at point org-shiftleft
M-+ Cycle the thing at point org-shiftright
M-n Cycle the thing at point org-shiftdown
M-p Cycle the thing at point org-shiftup
C-c C-s Add scheduled date org-schedule
C-c C-d Add deadline org-deadline
<M-up> Move current subtree up org-metaup
<M-down> Move current subtree down org-metadown
<M-left> Promote current heading by one level org-metaleft
<M-right> Demote current heading by one level org-metaright
<M-S-left> Promote current subtree by one level org-shiftmetaleft
<M-S-right> Demote current subtree by one level org-shiftmetaright
M-h Select current element (and subsequent elements) org-mark-element
C-c @ Select current subtree (and subsequent subtrees) org-mark-subtree
C-c C-x C-w Kill subtree (and the next N subtrees) org-cut-special
C-c C-x M-w Copy subtree (and the next N subtrees) org-copy-special
C-c C-x C-y Yank subtree org-paste-special
C-c C-x c Clone subtree org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift
C-c C-x b Show the current subtree in an indirect buffer org-tree-to-indirect-buffer
C-c ^ Sort same-level entries org-sort
C-c / Search and show results in a sparse tree org-sparse-tree
M-g n Go to next match in sparse tree next-error
M-g p Go to previous match in sparse tree previous-error
C-c C-c While in sparse tree view, abort matching hightlights org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
C-c C-x d Insert a drawer. C-u ~ to insert a property drawer org-insert-drawer


Keys Meaning Command
M-RET Insert an item of same level on next line. org-meta-return
<M-up> Move item and its children up to the same level. org-metaup
<M-down> Move item and its children down to the same level. org-metadown
<M-left> Promote item but not its children. org-metaleft
<M-right> Demote item but not its children. org-metaright
<M-S-left> Promote list item and its children. org-shiftmetaleft
<M-S-right> Demote list item and its children. org-shiftmetaright
C-c - Toggle bullet presence at current line or region, or cycle bullet styles. org-ctrl-c-minus
C-c C-* Convert the whole plain list into a subtree of the heading at point. org-list-make-subtree
M-S-RET Insert an empty checkbox on next line. org-insert-todo-heading
C-c C-c Toggle checkbox status on current item. org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
C-u C-c C-c Toggle checkbox presence on current item. ^
??? Toggle checkbox status for selected region.  
C-u C-u C-c C-c Set checkbox to intermediate state [-]. ^
C-c C-x C-b Toggle checkbox status or presence on current item. org-toggle-checkbox
C-u C-c C-x C-b Toggle checkbox presence for selected list or list under a heading. ^
C-u C-u C-c C-x C-b Same as above but set the checkboxes to [-]. ^
C-c C-x o Toggle if the checkboxes must be checked off in sequence. org-toggle-ordered-property
C-c # Update the statistics cookie in current heading. org-update-statistics-cookies
C-u C-c # Update all cookies in the buffer. ^
Keys Meaning Command
C-c C-l Insert or edit link. org-insert-link
C-c C-o Follow link. org-open-at-point
C-c & Return to link after following it. org-mark-ring-goto
C-c C-x C-n Go to next link. C-u ~ to go to previous link. org-next-link
C-c C-x C-p Go to previous link org-previous-link


Keys Meaning Command
TAB Re-align the table, move to the next field. Creates a new row if necessary. org-cycle
S-TAB Re-align, move to previous field. org-shifttab
C-c C-c Re-align the table and don’t move to another field. org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
C-c RET Create a table with horizontal line or insert a horizontal line below. org-ctrl-c-ret
C-c ¦ Create a table or convert an active region into a table. org-table-create-or-convert-from-region
M-e Move to end of the current table field, or on to the next field. org-forward-sentence
M-a Move to beginning of the current table field, or on to the previous field. org-backward-sentence
C-c SPC Blank the field at point. org-table-blank-field
C-c ` Edit field. org-table-edit-field
C-c C-c Exit editing field. org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
S-RET Copy the field at point to the field below. org-table-copy-down
<M-right> Move the current column right. org-metaright
<M-left> Move the current column left. org-metaleft
<M-up> Move the current row up. org-metaup
<M-down> Move the current row down. org-metadown
<M-S-left> Delete current column. org-shiftmetaleft
<M-S-right> Insert a new column to the left. org-shiftmetaright
C-o Insert a new row above. org-open-line
C-c - Insert a horizontal line below current row. org-ctrl-c-minus
C-u C-c - Insert a horizontal line above current row. ^
C-c ^ Sort the table. org-sort
C-j Goto next table row or insert a newline and indent. org-return-indent
Keys Meaning Command
C-c & Go back to previous position (after following a link etc.). org-mark-ring-goto
C-c % Put the current position into the mark ring and rotate it. org-mark-ring-push

Agenda views

Keys Meaning Command
C-c a Open agenda views org-agenda

In agenda views:

Keys Meaning Command
a Open week view. Use prefix arg C-u <n> to specify days to display org-agenda-list

In week view: ref

Keys Meaning Command
SPC Show original location in another window org-agenda-show-and-scroll-up
TAB Go to original location in another window org-agenda-goto
RET Go to the original location of the item and delete other windows. org-agenda-switch-to
F Toggle follow mode org-agenda-follow-mode
C-c C-x b Display subtree org-agenda-tree-to-indirect-buffer
C-c C-o Follow a link in the entry org-agenda-open-link

Info mode

Keys Meaning Command
  Clone buffer clone-buffer


Project awareness

  1. Projectile

    Keys Meaning Command
    M-p f Find file in current project. C-u M-p f to clear cache first. projectile-find-file
    M-p F Find file in all projects  
    M-p g Find file in current project based on context  
    M-p e Find recently visited file in project  
    M-p T Find test file in current project  
    M-p o Find keywords in current project buffers  
    M-p s g Find keywords in current project files with grep  
    M-p s s Find keywords in current project files with ag.el  
    M-p d Find directory in current project  
    M-p 4 C-o Display a project buffer in another window without selecting it  
    M-p b Switch to project buffer  
    M-p LEFT Switch to previous project buffer  
    M-p RIGHT Switch to next project buffer  
    M-p a Switch between files with the same name but different extensions  
    M-p t Toggle between an implementation file and its test file  
    M-p p Open or switch project  
    M-p D Browse project root in dired  
    M-p v Browse project root in vc-dir or magit  
    M-p V Browse dirty version controlled projects  
    M-p r Replace in current project  
    M-p S Save all project buffers  
    M-p k Kill all project buffers  
    M-p m Invoke a command  
    M-p i Invalidates the project cache (if existing)  
    M-p R Regenerates the projects TAGS file  
    M-p j Find tag in project’s TAGS file  
    M-p E Open the root dir-locals-file of the project  
    M-p ! Run shell-command in the root directory of the project  
    M-p & Run async-shell-command in the root directory of the project  
    M-p E Opens the root dir-locals-file of the project  
    M-p z Add the currently visited file to the cached  
    M-p C-h View all projectile key-bindings  
  2. Treemacs

    Keys Meaning Command
    C-x t Initialize or toggle treemacs treemacs
    C-c t Select treemacs window treemacs-select-window
    C-c C-p ? Show keys relating to project administration  
Keys Meaning Command
M-. Find or go to definition xref-find-definitions
C-x 4 . Find or go to definition in another window xref-find-definitions-other-window
M-? Find references to the identifier at point xref-find-references
M-S-s Find references to the identifier at point lsp-find-references
M-h Go to next reference lsp-ui-find-next-reference
M-S-h Go to previous reference lsp-ui-find-prev-reference
M-. Go to implementation lsp-goto-implementation
C-< Go to super lsp-java-open-super-implementation
M-n Go to next error flymake-goto-next-error
M-p Go to previous error flymake-goto-prev-error


Keys Meaning Command
M-; Insert or indent comment on current line C-u ~ to kill the comment. comment-dwim
M-j Continue comment on another line indent-new-comment-line
C-x C-; Comment or uncomment current line comment-line


Keys Meaning Command
C-x g Open magit buffer (Def) magit-status
C-c g Show transient command list buffer from any buffer. magit-file-dispatch
h,? Show command list in a transient buffer. magit-dispatch
TAB Expand or collapse section at point. magit-section-toggle
C-TAB Cycle visibility of current section and its children. magit-section-cycle
s Stage changes. magit-stage-file
u Unstage changes. magit-unstage-file
c Show commit buffer. magit-commit
- c Commit changes and show commit message buffer. magit-commit-create
- - C-c C-c Submit commit message.  
P Show push commands transient buffer. magit-push
- p Push commits. magit-push-current-to-pushremote
F Show pull commands transient buffer. magit-pull
- p Pull commits. magit-pull-from-pushremote
q Quit status buffer. magit-mode-bury-buffer


Keys Meaning Command
M-/ Auto-completing dabbrev-expand
C-f5 Format buffer lsp-format-buffer
C-S-f5 Format region lsp-format-region
C-f2 Rename lsp-rename
C-c c Show company candidates company-complete
  1. Company mode

    After the suggestion window is started, run the following commands to select or navigate through the candidates.

    Keys Meaning Command
    M-n Move highlighting down  
    M-p Move highlighting up  
    C-v Next page  
    M-v Previous page  
    C-s Search for candidates  
    C-M-s Filter candidates  
    M-0 .. 9 Select the N-th candidates (1)  
    C-h/F1 Show doc of highlighted item in another buffer  
    C-g Abort  


Keys Meaning Command
C-f9 Debug dap-debug
C-S-f9 Restart dap-debug-restart


Keys below are used after prefix keys C-c C-r.

Keys Meaning Command
C-r Send request. C-u C-c C-r C-r to see complete request before sending verb-send-request-on-point-other-window-stay
C-f Resend request. verb-send-request-on-point

Custom key-bindings

  • newline-below-without-break and newline-above-without-break

    ;; Open new line below current line without breaking current line
    (defun newline-below-without-break ()
    "1.Move to end of line; 2. Insert newline with index"
    (let ((oldpos (point))) (end-of-line) (newline-and-indent)))
    (global-set-key (kbd "<S-return>") 'newline-below-without-break)
    ;; Open new line above current line without breaking current line
    (defun newline-above-without-break ()
    "Insert an empty line above the currentline. Position the cursor at its beginning, according the current mode"
    (move-beginning-of-line nil)
    (forward-line -1)
    (global-set-key (kbd "<C-S-return>") 'newline-above-without-break)
  • xah-forward-block and xah-backward-block

    ;; Move to next blank line separated block
    (defun xah-forward-block (&optional n)
    "Move cursor beginning of next text block.
    A text block is separated by blank lines.
    This command similar to `forward-paragraph', but this command's behavior is the same regardless of syntax table.
    URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_move_by_paragraph.html'
    Version 2016-06-15"
    (interactive "p")
    (let ((n (if (null n) 1 n)))
    (re-search-forward "\n[\t\n ]*\n+" nil "NOERROR" n)))
    (global-set-key (kbd "M-]") 'xah-forward-block)
    ;; Move to previous blank line separated block
    (defun xah-backward-block (&optional n)
    "Move cursor to previous text block.
    See: `xah-forward-block'
    URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_move_by_paragraph.html'
    Version 2016-06-15"
    (interactive "p")
    (let ((n (if (null n) 1 n))
          ($i 1))
          (while (<= $i n)
          (if (re-search-backward "\n[\t\n ]*\n+" nil "NOERROR")
          (progn (skip-chars-backward "\n\t "))
          (progn (goto-char (point-min))
          (setq $i n)))
          (setq $i (1+ $i)))))
    (global-set-key (kbd "M-[") 'xah-backward-block)


format, user-full-name, read-string